Do I need a garage for my robot mower?

Do I need a garage for my robot mower

Investing in a robotic lawn mower isn’t cheap. A way to ensure your garden always looks lush. A way to protect your investment is to buy a robot mower garage. But do I need a garage for my robot mower?


All robot lawn mowers are designed to withstand some rain. Granted, you can’t leave yours outside during the winter, but they can handle a little wetness in the summer. So many consider buying or building a garage to protect their unit from the ever-changing British weather!


That’s only one of many reasons. Another is security. And while robomowers rarely get stolen, it’s best to safeguard your investment from potential thieves or inquisitive wild animals.


In this article, we aim to answer a few basic yet important questions:

  • Can the robot mower be left outdoors throughout the mowing season?
  • Do I need a garage for my robot mower?
  • What are the benefits of having a garage for my robot mower?
  • How should it be fitted out?



Can you leave your robot mower outside?

Between late spring to the end of summer, it’s safe to leave your robot lawn mower outside. Most units are made with an aluminium or stainless-steel chassis, guaranteeing strength and ruggedness.


The plastic coating ensures it’s easy to wipe the unit down and provides additional protection to the chassis, battery, and components from the elements or being tampered with.


The combination of these means you can leave your mower alone to crack on during the mowing season and only need to check it occasionally.


As long as your charging base is strategically located, your robomower can easily recharge or store itself when it completes mowing.


For your robot to charge, it must be able to align with the charging contacts. So, you need to leave space around the base that will allow the mower to navigate. Don’t place it in a corner or near water.


During the winter, temperatures drop, slowing the rate grass grows and making it unsafe for you to leave the mower and charging base outside. So, you want to move them inside. Plus, your lawn needs less attention.



robomower garden charging base



Why do I need a garage for my robot mower?

While your robomower doesn’t require additional protection, buying a garage may be a wise investment for a few reasons.


Protects from the elements and other damage

Your garden is full of potential issues, many of which are just waiting to happen, including hail, snow, branches, or bird droppings that can affect your robot mower. Not to mention wild animals who might just be curious!


If it is frequently exposed to severe weather or at risk of external damage, you’ll want to keep it covered.


Hides it from thieves or curious neighbours

No one wants people peering into their garden, especially when you have a new toy! By covering your robot lawnmower when not in use, you can keep prying eyes at bay and not draw attention to it.


Of course, the average petty thief wants to steal things with instant resale value but there are some dumb ones out there who will try and take anything they can get their hands on. Don’t let them take your robot lawn mower.


Protecting from projectile impacts

You might not play golf, but if your neighbour does and regularly practises in their garden, you’ll want to protect your investment. And while your unit can withstand impacts from golf balls, the charging station isn’t as rugged and so need some protection.


A golf ball, tennis ball or football could hit the station’s sonar or charging contacts and damage it. You might not realise the charging station is damaged until it’s too late. So, having a robot mower garage can protect the station.


Allowing your robot space to recharge

Your family members might attempt to move the mower or interrupt it without thinking. So, having a small protective housing like the vidaXL Lawnmower Robot Garage can be useful.


Make your garden more attractive

You can buy some very attractive garages or DIY one that adds to the overall design of your garden. Again, they hide your investment when not in use.



AUFUN Lawnmower Robot Garage

photo by AUFUN



Who designs the best robot mower garage?

There are plenty of options when buying the best robot mower garage. If you prefer to DIY, there are loads of tutorials both online and on YouTube, including one built for £8.


You might prefer a pre-built solution. Thankfully, plenty are available, including the simple Gardebruk Lawnmower Robot Garage and the stylish IDEA MOWER Garage. You could buy the Auto-Mow My Robot Home, which has an automatic door ensuring your robomower is safe.



Is a garage for your robot mower: useful or not?

While you can buy garages from several places, robomowers are designed to be outside with no cover during the season. The only recommendation is that the base is not in constant direct sunlight.


So, you may want to buy a robot mower garage for security or to allow you discretely hid your unit when not in use. These are perfectly good reasons. Just ensure you buy or build one that fits your mower and matches your garden design.


So, do I need a garage for my robot mower? It depends. We’d suggest installing the mower first. Next, consider if you need or want a garage after you’ve seen it in use.