What’s the best Robomow robotic lawn mower of 2023 reviews

best Robomow robotic lawn mower

As the new kid on the block, you might have only recently discovered Robomow. They’re well known for their range of robotic lawn mowers. With several models available, finding the best Robomow robotic lawn mower can be tricky. But help is available!


In this article, we’ll explore the best Robomow robotic lawn mowers on the market. We’ll compare their features, performance, and price, making your choice slightly easier. Plus, your lawn will look better than ever!


We’ll also discuss why you might want to switch to a robotic lawn mower. No matter your budget or needs, finding the best Robomow robotic lawn mower is easier thanks to our handy guide. After reading this guide, you’ll wonder why you waited so long before upgrading to a robomower!



Current product range

There are currently 8 models in the Robomow robotic lawn mower collection, these are:


  • Robomow RT300 review
  • Robomow RT700 review
  • Robomow RK2000 review
  • Robomow RK2000 Pro review
  • Robomow RK1000 review
  • Robomow RK1000 Pro review
  • Robomow RK4000 Pro review
  • Robomow RK3000 Pro review



What’s the best Robomow robotic lawn mower?

When selecting the best Robomow robotic lawn mower, our team and users highly rate the Robomow RK2000. It’s affordable yet packed full of features, including a rain sensor and a slope sensor.



How do they compare to other leading brands?

As one of the leading brands of robotic lawn mowers, Robomow is known for its high-quality products, innovative features, and easy-to-use design. Before investing in one of their models, it’s worth comparing them with some other leading brands of robotic lawn mowers.


Husqvarna robomowers are known for their durability and performance. However, they can be more expensive than Robomow mowers.


If you’re looking for more affordable models, Worx might be ideal. While the Worx range isn’t as feature-rich as Robomow mowers, they are still a good option for those who are looking for a budget-friendly option.


The Honda Miimo range is also very popular. They are very quiet and offer exceptional cutting quality. However, they are among the most expensive robotic mowers available.


German brand, Gardena are known for its quiet operation and easy-to-use design. However, they are not as powerful as Robomow mowers.


Bosch is well known for their power tools and appliances. It also offers a line of robotic lawn mowers. Bosch robomower offers a range of high-quality robomowers that offer a long battery life. However, they can be more expensive than Robomow mowers.



What we love about Robomow robotic lawn mowers

There are many things to love about the best Robomow robotic lawn mowers that make them ideal for your garden.


You don’t need to worry about mowing your lawn as they will automatically mow it using a pre-set schedule. They’ll even return to their charging station when they need to recharge.


Compared to traditional lawn mowers, Robomow mowers are much quieter. Plus, they are very easy to use. You can set them up and start them using a smartphone app, and they come with a variety of features to make them easy to use, such as rain sensors and slope sensors.


They have a variety of safety features built-in, such as collision sensors and blade stops, to prevent them from harming people or pets.


They are good for the environment as they don’t produce emissions and they also mulch the grass clippings, which returns nutrients to the soil.



How much do they cost?

As Robomow were the first brand of robot lawn mower, they are the market leader. The best Robomow robotic lawn mowers cost between £900 and £3,800, so aren’t the most affordable option but are considered to be excellent value for money.



Anything to be aware of?

Here are some of the things that people don’t like about Robomow robotic lawn mowers:


Compared to traditional mowers, robotic lawn mowers are far more expensive. Some homeowners won’t be able to justify the investment despite having the need. Compared to other brands, Robomow are at the higher end of the price range.


Robomow models can be difficult to set up, especially if you have a large lawn. The boundary wire needs to be installed carefully, and the mower needs to be programmed correctly.



Where can you find support?

There are plenty of ways to contact Robomow, including social media, email, and phone. Plus, they have an excellent help section on their website.



A little brand history

Founded in 1995 by two Israeli entrepreneurs, Udi Peless and Shai Abramson, Robomow was originally called Friendly Machines. Its mission was to develop a robotic lawnmower that makes lawn care easier and more convenient.


Their first Robomow mower was released in 1998, and it was an instant success as it enabled busy homeowners to save time and effort on lawn care. You could have a lush looking lawn with little effort!


Over the years, Robomow has continued to innovate and develop new robotic lawnmowers. The company now offers a wide range of models and Robomow mowers are now sold in over 50 countries.


Today, Robomow is one of the leading manufacturers of robotic lawnmowers. The company’s mowers are known for their quality, innovation, and ease of use. Robomow mowers are a popular choice for homeowners who want to save time and effort on lawn care.



Discontinued Robomow robotic lawn mowers

Robomow has discontinued a few of its robotic lawn mower models over the years. These include:


Friendly Vac RV400, RL 350, RL 850, RX12u, and RX20 Pro X.