Can you use Savant and Alexa together?

Can you use Savant and Alexa together

Always needing a remote or your phone to adjust your Savant system is a nuisance. Thankfully we have an easier way: voice commands. Some will prefer to use Siri or Google Assistant, others will want to use Amazon’s Alexa. But, does Savant and Alexa work together?


Savant integrates with all three voice assistants, allowing for easy control over your smart home system. So yes, Savant and Alexa work nicely together!


Alexa is incredibly powerful as it can help you organise your life, buy items online, encourage better sleep patterns, play music and even help you tune a guitar. You can even control your smart home devices and so much more.


While a voice assistant won’t replace touchscreens, remotes or the app, they are incredibly useful for activating scenes or making simple adjustments without hassle. For example, adjusting the lights in your living, simply ask Alexa rather than navigating through the app.


Let’s explore how Savant and Alexa can work together and what features you can control using voice commands.



What Savant devices can Alexa control?

Savant seamlessly connects to Alexa enabling you to manage various elements of your smart home system, including lights, AV, and security without needing a remote or smartphone.


With Amazon Alexa Voice control integrated into your Savant home automation system, you can operate:

  • Scenes
  • Lighting control
  • Whole home music
  • Home cinema system
  • Home security



savant remote alexa

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Basic requirements

For a Savant System to function with Alexa, you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. A Savant Pro System running da Vinci 8.4 or higher
  2. A Savant App user linked to your account.


If you need help or more information about upgrading your home to da Vinci 8.4, please contact your Savant Integrator. 



How do I get started?

As long as you have the basic requirements (stated above), you’re able to get up and running in minutes.


Download and install Alexa app

  1. Download and install the Amazon Alexa App onto your PC or Mobile
  2. Open the Alexa App
  3. Enter your Amazon credentials and select SIGN IN.


Find the Savant skill

  1. From the Alexa Home screen, select the Main Menu
  2. Select Skills from the window that opens
  3. Enter Savant into the search bar of the All Skills page that opens and select Search
  4. Alexa will now search for the Savant Skill.


Log in to Savant

On the next page, log in to your Savant user account. Doing this links the Savant Skill to your account. The account that Alexa is linking must have Admin permissions.


Device Discovery

Before you can use Amazon Alexa in a Savant Pro Home, you need to discover any supported devices in your Savant System.

  1. In the page that opens, select the DISCOVER DEVICES button
  2. Alexa will now search the Savant Pro System
  3. In the Devices page that opens, all the Discovered Devices are listed
  4. If some Devices are not displayed, tap the DISCOVER button to send the Discover command again
  5. Alexa is now linked to the Savant Pro Home
  6. Speaking “Alexa, Discover Devices” will also send the discover command. Discovery takes approximately 20 seconds to complete.



alexa commands savant



What Amazon devices can I use?

There’s no shortage of Alexa-enabled devices from both Amazon and third parties. That said, it’s worth using an Amazon Echo device to control your Savant system. You could use the compact Echo Dot smart speaker or one of the several Echo shows (smart display with speaker).



Using voice commands on the Savant Remote

If you have a few Savant remotes dotted about your home, you can use them to operate your system using voice commands rather than an Amazon device.


You’ll need to link Savant and Alexa beforehand, and you’ll also need to select the Favourites in advance.


To use voice commands, simply press the Voice Command button ( button with microphone image on it) on your Remote and say your command:

  • Say “VOICE COMMANDS” to display a list of supported voice commands
  • Say the name of a favourite channel, like BBC 1 or SKY Sports
  • Say the name of a service, such as APPLE TV to automatically switch inputs
  • Adjust the lights with a simple LIGHTS ON or DIMMER
  • Say the name of a scene you have created, like RELAX (that cues up a favourite Sonos playlist and dim the lights).


Be aware that the microphone in your Savant Remote turns on only when you press the Voice Command button.



Some voice commands you can try

By combining Savant and Alexa, the result is a powerful home automation system that offers flexible control over your entire home. With Alexa, you can talk to your home and have it respond.



Turn on or off all scenes associated with that user or are global, that do not have any unlock or disarm functionality. Say:


“Alexa, turn on <Scene Name>” 

“Alexa, movie night scene.” 



All Rooms can be turned on or turned off. Say: 


“Alexa, turn on Family Room” 


Room Lights

Each Room with lighting control can be operated by saying the Room Name and the word “Lights” after it. These devices respond to On, Off, Set, Increase and Decrease commands. Here are a few examples:


“Alexa, turn on the Kitchen Lights”

“Alexa, turn off the Kitchen Lights”

“Alexa, set the Kitchen Lights to 40%”

“Alexa, brighten the Kitchen Lights”

“Alexa, dim the Kitchen Lights”


Whole-Home Music

Enjoy your home by playing music through your whole-home audio system. Say:


“Alexa, play Disney playlist in Sarah’s bedroom.” 

“Alexa, play morning playlist in home.”


Home Security

If you often lay in bed wondering if the doors are locked, Alexa can help and you don’t need to get up. Simply say:


“Alexa, lock all the doors.” 

“Alexa, show security camera feed on TV.”



controlling savant smart home alexa



How will Alexa respond?


The request was accepted and is executed.


“Error, unknown source detected, please ensure you are using the official Savant Skill.”

Make sure you have enabled and linked the correct skills.


“Sorry, I couldn’t understand your request.”

Alexa did not understand your request.




Below are a few examples that might help you troubleshoot why your Amazon Alexa is not responding properly.


“I found zero devices” (After initially sending a Discover command)

  • Check that your Savant user account was verified. Be sure to respond to the verification email you received when the account was created.
  • Ensure your Savant user account is an administrator to the Savant Home.
  • If there are multiple Savant Homes linked to the Savant user account, confirm you have selected the correct home.


“Sorry, I didn’t find <name of room/name of room lights/name of scene>”

Verify the Savant device was discovered.

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa App.
  2. Select the Open Menu Icon and then select the Smart Home icon.
  3. Select Devices from the Smart Home page that opens.
  4. Verify the device is Discovered. Select the Discover button icon to rediscover the device.


“Sorry, I could not find a device or group named <device name>”

Verify the Savant device was discovered.

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa App.
  2. Select the Open Menu Icon and then select the Smart Home icon.
  3. Select Devices from the Smart Home page that opens.
  4. Verify the device is Discovered. Select the Discover button icon to rediscover the device.


“I found several devices matching that name. Which one did you mean?”

Ensure the name of the device is unique.

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa App.
  2. Select the Open Menu Icon ( ) and then select the Smart Home icon ( ).
  3. Select Devices from the Smart Home page that opens.
  4. Ensure the Devices all have a unique name. Modify the name in the Savant Pro App as required.
  5. After renaming the device, tell Alexa to discover devices or select the Discover button.


“Sorry, the device is not responding”

Amazon is having trouble connecting to the Savant Host. Verify both the Echo device and the Savant Host have an internet connection.


That command doesn’t work on device <name of light>

Confirm the light supports the command you are using. For example, a light that cannot be dimmed or is configured as a switch type device will return this response to a dimming command.



So, can you use Savant and Alexa together?

Yes, you can control your Savant home automation system using Alexa. Using voice commands makes controlling your smart home system even easier. However, it won’t replace more traditional control options such as remote, app and touchscreens. That’s fine as the more options, the better.


Getting Savant and Alexa working together in harmony only takes a few minutes, yet can save you hours! If you prefer Google Assistant, you’ll be glad to know you can use it with Savant.