How to set up Samsung SmartThings hub

How to set up Samsung SmartThings hub

Every smart home requires a hub, and Samsung SmartThings is no different. The hub is the brain of the system, sending and receiving messages from controllers and devices. Let’s look at how to set up Samsung SmartThings hub, SmartThings Wi-Fi hub, or Connect Home.


Thankfully, getting your SmartThings hub set up is easy and only take a few minutes. Samsung has made the process as painless as possible. Once set up, you can start pairing devices and appliances with the hub, moving you closer to creating your dream smart home.


From there, you can start to automate scenes and control your home from your phone. As long as you have Wi-Fi, you can operate your SmartThings system. Plus, as many Samsung products come with the technology built-in, you can even start your washing machine or dishwasher remotely.


Before you start, download the SmartThings app from the Play Store or the App Store. Here’s how to set up Samsung SmartThings hub, SmartThings Wi-Fi hub, or Connect Home.



How to set up Samsung SmartThings hub (general)

When setting up your smart home, the first thing you should do is add your SmartThings hub. You’ll then be ready to connect all your smart home devices.

  1. Open the SmartThings app, tap the Devices tab, and then tap Add (the plus sign).
  2. Tap the By brand tab, tap Samsung, and tap Wi-Fi/Hub.
  3. Tap SmartThings Hub (IM6001-V3P). Or, if your Hub has a Welcome Code, like a SmartThings hub v2, tap SmartThings Hub (STH-ETH & Others).
  4. To complete the set up, review the on-screen instructions on your phone.
  5. Once you’re done setting up your hub, it’s time to add devices using the SmartThings app and complete your smart home.


Note: It’s not recommended to add a SmartThings hub to a location with an existing hub.



Samsung SmartThings hub

photo by Samsung



How to set up Connect Home hub

The Connect Home hub allows you to create a new Wi-Fi network or extend an existing one. Simply, plug in the hub and link it to the SmartThings app.

  1. Navigate to and open the SmartThings app, tap the Devices tab, and then tap Add (the plus sign).
  2. Tap the By brand tab, tap SmartThings, and then tap Wi-Fi/Hub.
  3. Tap Samsung Connect Home, tap Start, and then choose Set up new Wi-Fi network.
  4. Tap OK. Choose a location for the hub, and then tap Next.
  5. Using an Ethernet cable, connect your modem to the hub using the IN port, and then tap Next.
  6. Plug in the AC/DC adapter cable, and then tap Next. From there, review the on-screen instructions to set up the Connect Home hub.



How to set up SmartThings Wi-Fi hub

After setting up SmartThings Wi-Fi, slow internet is a thing of the past. It doesn’t matter where you are in your home, you’ll be using a quick internet connection!

  1. Connect the SmartThings Wi-Fi hub to your modem. Plug one end of the included Ethernet cable into the IN port on the hub.
  2. Then, plug the other end to the LAN port on the modem.
  3. Next, plug the AC/DC adapter into the DC port on the hub and plug it into a wall outlet or power strip. Make sure to use only Samsung-approved adapters.
  4. SmartThings Wi-Fi will turn on, and the indicator light will flash green.
  5. Now, open the SmartThings app on your phone. The hub should be detected automatically.
  6. If SmartThings Wi-Fi isn’t automatically detected, make sure you are within 15 feet of the hub, and then manually add the hub from the SmartThings app.
  7. Tap the Devices tab, and then tap the Home icon. Select your desired location for the hub, tap Add (the plus sign), and then tap Add device.
  8. Under the By brand tab, tap Samsung, and then tap Wi-Fi/Hub.
  9. Select Samsung SmartThings Wifi, and then tap Start.
  10. You can choose to set up a new Wi-Fi network, or you can extend an existing network. Tap OK, and then tap Next.
  11. Connect the hub’s power cable, tap Next, and then wait until the hub’s indicator light blinks red and green.
  12. Tap Next to finish.


Note: If you are adding Z-Wave devices that have been previously connected, ensure they have been removed or excluded before adding them to the new hub.



smartthings hub rear

photo by Samsung



How to set up SmartThings Wi-Fi using a static IP

If you’re unable to set up SmartThings Wi-Fi, there is an option to set your IP address manually. Some homes, hotels, or offices use a static IP address that never changes, unlike most devices that use dynamic IPs, which change constantly.


You will need to contact the network administrator and request your IP and WAN settings. Tap Set IP address manually. Enter the IP and other settings listed, and then tap Done.


Note: You can also set up using a PPPoE.



How to reset your hub

If your installation isn’t going smoothly or your hub seems slow, try resetting it. Using a paper clip, push the Reset button on the hub. The process may vary slightly depending on your hub model. So, start with the guide for resetting SmartThings brand hubs and Connect Home hubs.



smartthings hub top

photo by Samsung



Setting up your SmartThings home

As you don’t need to hire someone to install SmartThings, the entry price is highly affordable. After setting up your SmartThings hub, it will instantly connect to different sensors, locks, light switches, outlets, thermostats, and other compatible devices in your home.


If you’re setting up a SmartThings Wi-Fi or Connect Home, then after the quick installation process, you’ll have fast and reliable internet allowing your smart home system to run quickly and smoothly.


No matter which one you are setting up, the process is pretty similar and, not to mention, very easy. These instructions also work with the AEOTEC Smart Home Hub.