What’s the best Viewsonic home cinema projector of 2023 reviews

best Viewsonic home cinema projector

ViewSonic might be a new name in consumer electronics to us in the UK. However, they’ve been around since 1987! In this article, we’ll focus on the best ViewSonic home cinema projectors, both past and present.


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Current product range

You shouldn’t solely rely on the ViewSonic website when picking a projector. Having reviewed some of the current ViewSonic home cinema projector range, if any take your fancy, you can read an unbiased opinion before you buy one.


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What’s the best Viewsonic home cinema projector?

After gathering user feedback from multiple sources, the best Viewsonic home cinema projector are PX701HDE, PX701HDH, and M2W.



How do they compare to other leading brands?

Known for their affordability, versatility, and performance, ViewSonic home cinema projectors are popular. Compared to other brands such as Epson, BenQ, and Optoma, ViewSonic projectors are known for their affordability and value for money.


ViewSonic is also known for their eco-friendly projectors, offering models with low power consumption and extended lamp life, which save money. The units offer a range of connectivity options making it easy to connect a variety of devices to the projector.


While they are known for their bright and clear images, ViewSonic home cinema projectors may not match the colour accuracy or brightness of other leading brands. Also, some models may not have the same level of reliability or durability as other brands.



What we love about them

With a sizeable range of excellent models, you can find a ViewSonic home cinema projector that will suit different needs and budgets.


The brand is known for high-quality image reproduction with sharp, bright images and accurate colours. Many models use advanced projection technologies, such as DLP and LED. Some models include advanced features, such as built-in speakers, Wi-Fi, and 3D compatibility.


In addition to their image quality, ViewSonic projectors are also known for their durability and reliability. The company offers long warranties and excellent customer support. You can be confident in your purchase.



How much does they cost?

In terms of price, the cheapest ViewSonic home cinema projector is £166 and the most expensive is £1300, with many units available within this range. Comparing this price range to other brands, they are highly affordable and represent great value for money.



Anything to be aware of?

While ViewSonic projectors are generally excellent devices, they have their downsides. Here are some points to consider before buying a ViewSonic home cinema projector.


While they generally offer good value for money, ViewSonic projectors can be more expensive than other brands, particularly for higher-end models.


As ViewSonic projectors use a lamp, you will have to replace it at some point. Some users have reported that the bulbs can burn out quickly and so need replacing relatively frequently.


Like most projectors, they are designed to be quiet. However, some models can produce a noticeable amount of fan noise, which can be distracting, especially if you’re watching a movie.


Some models have limited lens shift capabilities, making it more difficult to position the projector in the optimal location. Also, some models have a limited zoom range, meaning adjusting the image size to fit your screen or room is difficult.



Where can you find support?

The ViewSonic website has an outstanding support section. You can find a manual, register a product, or request a repair. There are several ways you can contact ViewSonic, including email, telephone, and post.



A little brand history

ViewSonic specialises in computer monitors, projectors, digital signage displays, and interactive whiteboards. The company was founded in 1987 in Walnut, California, USA, by James Chu, a former US Army officer.


Their first product was the ViewSonic E1, a 14-inch colour monitor with an MS-DOS-based on-screen display. In 1990, ViewSonic introduced its first flat-panel display, the VP201, which used a gas plasma panel.


ViewSonic continued to innovate and expand its product line during the 1990s and early 2000s to include home cinema projectors and commercial signage displays.


Today, ViewSonic is known for its high-quality monitors and projectors and is particularly popular among gamers and creative professionals. They continue to innovate while delivering cutting-edge technology at an affordable price.



Discontinued ViewSonic home cinema projectors

According to Projector Central, ViewSonic has discontinued over 200 projectors. The list includes:


ViewSonic Cine1000, ViewSonic Cine5000, ViewSonic DPV5, ViewSonic DVP5, ViewSonic LiteBird PJ1075, ViewSonic LiteBird PJ853, ViewSonic LiteBird PJ870, ViewSonic LiteBird PJ875, ViewSonic LiteBird PJ885, ViewSonic LiteBird PJL1005, ViewSonic LS620X, ViewSonic LS625W, ViewSonic LS700-4K, ViewSonic LS700HD, ViewSonic LS800HD, ViewSonic LS800WU, ViewSonic LS810, ViewSonic LS820,


ViewSonic LS830, ViewSonic LS900WU, ViewSonic M1, ViewSonic M1-2, ViewSonic PA502S, ViewSonic PA502X, ViewSonic PA502XP, ViewSonic PA503S, ViewSonic PA503W, ViewSonic PA503X, ViewSonic PA505W, ViewSonic PG603W, ViewSonic PG603X, ViewSonic PG700WU, ViewSonic PG703W, ViewSonic PG703X, ViewSonic PG705HD, ViewSonic PG705WU, ViewSonic PG800HD, ViewSonic PG800W, ViewSonic PJ1000, ViewSonic PJ1060, ViewSonic PJ1065, ViewSonic PJ1158, ViewSonic PJ1165,


ViewSonic PJ1172, ViewSonic PJ1173, ViewSonic PJ1200, ViewSonic PJ250, ViewSonic PJ255D, ViewSonic PJ256D, ViewSonic PJ258D, ViewSonic PJ260D, ViewSonic PJ350, ViewSonic PJ358, ViewSonic PJ359w, ViewSonic PJ400, ViewSonic PJ402D, ViewSonic PJ406D, ViewSonic PJ452, ViewSonic PJ458D, ViewSonic PJ500, ViewSonic PJ501, ViewSonic PJ502, ViewSonic PJ503D, ViewSonic PJ506D,


ViewSonic PJ510, ViewSonic PJ513D, ViewSonic PJ513DB, ViewSonic PJ520, ViewSonic PJ550, ViewSonic PJ551, ViewSonic PJ551D, ViewSonic PJ552, ViewSonic PJ556D, ViewSonic PJ557D, ViewSonic PJ558D, ViewSonic PJ559D, ViewSonic PJ560D, ViewSonic PJ562, ViewSonic PJ588D, ViewSonic PJ650, ViewSonic PJ656, ViewSonic PJ658, ViewSonic PJ750, ViewSonic PJ755D, ViewSonic PJ758, ViewSonic PJ759,


ViewSonic PJ760, ViewSonic PJ766D, ViewSonic PJ800, ViewSonic PJ820, ViewSonic PJ860, ViewSonic PJ862, ViewSonic PJD2121, ViewSonic PJD5111, ViewSonic PJD5112, ViewSonic PJD5122, ViewSonic PJD5123, ViewSonic PJD5126, ViewSonic PJD5132, ViewSonic PJD5133, ViewSonic PJD5134, ViewSonic PJD5152, ViewSonic PJD5153, ViewSonic PJD5155, ViewSonic PJD5155L, ViewSonic PJD5211, ViewSonic PJD5221,


ViewSonic PJD5223, ViewSonic PJD5226, ViewSonic PJD5231, ViewSonic PJD5232, ViewSonic PJD5232L, ViewSonic PJD5233, ViewSonic PJD5234, ViewSonic PJD5234L, ViewSonic PJD5255, ViewSonic PJD5255L, ViewSonic PJD5350LS, ViewSonic PJD5351, ViewSonic PJD5352, ViewSonic PJD5353, ViewSonic PJD5353LS, ViewSonic PJD5453s, ViewSonic PJD5483s, ViewSonic PJD5523W,


ViewSonic PJD5533w, ViewSonic PJD5553LWS, ViewSonic PJD5555w, ViewSonic PJD6210-3D, ViewSonic PJD6210-WH, ViewSonic PJD6211, ViewSonic PJD6211P, ViewSonic PJD6220, ViewSonic PJD6220-3D, ViewSonic PJD6221, ViewSonic PJD6223, ViewSonic PJD6230, ViewSonic PJD6235, ViewSonic PJD6240, ViewSonic PJD6241, ViewSonic PJD6243, ViewSonic PJD6245, ViewSonic PJD6250L, ViewSonic PJD6251,


ViewSonic PJD6252L, ViewSonic PJD6253, ViewSonic PJD6345, ViewSonic PJD6350, ViewSonic PJD6352, ViewSonic PJD6352LS, ViewSonic PJD6353s, ViewSonic PJD6381, ViewSonic PJD6383s, ViewSonic PJD6531w, ViewSonic PJD6543w, ViewSonic PJD6544w, ViewSonic PJD6550LW, ViewSonic PJD6551W, ViewSonic PJD6552LW, ViewSonic PJD6552LWS, ViewSonic PJD6553w, ViewSonic PJD6683ws,


ViewSonic PJD7223, ViewSonic PJD7325, ViewSonic PJD7326, ViewSonic PJD7333, ViewSonic PJD7382, ViewSonic PJD7383, ViewSonic PJD7383i, ViewSonic PJD7525W, ViewSonic PJD7526W, ViewSonic PJD7533w, ViewSonic PJD7583w, ViewSonic PJD7583wi, ViewSonic PJD7720HD, ViewSonic PJD7820HD, ViewSonic PJD7822HDL, ViewSonic PJD7828HDL, ViewSonic PJD7830HDL, ViewSonic PJD7831HDL, ViewSonic PJD7835HD,


ViewSonic PJD7836HDL, ViewSonic PJD8333s, ViewSonic PJD8353s, ViewSonic PJD8633ws, ViewSonic PJD8653ws, ViewSonic PJL1030, ViewSonic PJL1035, ViewSonic PJL3211, ViewSonic PJL6233, ViewSonic PJL6243, ViewSonic PJL7201, ViewSonic PJL7211, ViewSonic PJL802 Viewbook, ViewSonic PJL802+, ViewSonic PJL830, ViewSonic PJL855, ViewSonic PJL9371, ViewSonic PLED-W200, ViewSonic PLED-W500,


ViewSonic PLED-W600, ViewSonic PLED-W800, ViewSonic Pro10100, ViewSonic Pro10100-SD, ViewSonic Pro6200, ViewSonic Pro7827HD, ViewSonic Pro8100, ViewSonic Pro8200, ViewSonic Pro8300, ViewSonic Pro8400, ViewSonic Pro8450w, ViewSonic Pro8500, ViewSonic Pro8510L, ViewSonic Pro8520HD, ViewSonic Pro8530HDL, ViewSonic Pro8600, ViewSonic Pro8800WUL, ViewSonic Pro9000, ViewSonic Pro9500,


ViewSonic Pro9510L, ViewSonic Pro9520WL, ViewSonic Pro9800WUL, ViewSonic PS501W, ViewSonic PS501X, ViewSonic PS700W, ViewSonic PS700X, ViewSonic PS750HD, ViewSonic PS750W, ViewSonic PS750X, ViewSonic PX700HD, ViewSonic PX701HD, ViewSonic PX703HD, ViewSonic PX725HD, ViewSonic PX727-4K, ViewSonic PX727HD, ViewSonic PX747-4K, ViewSonic PX800HD, ViewSonic X10-4KE, ViewSonic X100-4K, ViewSonic X1000-4K