Is Google Home/Nest Mini waterproof?

Is Google Home Nest Mini waterproof

It seems everyone has a Google Home Mini or the newer Google Nest Mini. As smart speakers, you can use yours to arrange your life, listen to music, and even control lights. If you’re considering having one in your bathroom, you’ll want to know is my Google Home/Nest Mini waterproof?


Unfortunately, your Google Home/Nest Mini is not waterproof. So, you can’t use it anywhere exposed to water or steam, like in the bathroom. Steam can quickly damage your Google Home Mini within just a few minutes, meaning it’ll need repairing.


If you’re wondering is Google Home/Nest Mini waterproof? We have the answer and some suggestions you might want to follow!



Is Google Home/Nest Mini waterproof?

The Google Home Mini is not water-resistant. According to Google, you should not use your Google Home or Nest Mini if it has gotten wet. There is a risk of injury, electrocution, and fire if you use the device when it’s wet.


Should your Google Nest Mini get wet, don’t try to dry it using an external heat source. Not only will this damage the speaker further, but the battery can also catch fire if heated.


As the Google Nest Mini is not waterproof or water-resistant, you can never use it in the bathroom. In fact, you should take precautions to avoid spills on your device and ensure you don’t suffer any accidents or injuries. 



Google Home Mini waterproof



6 tips to get the best from your Google Home/Nest Mini

These Google smart speakers are helpful, intelligent, and tiny devices. They are an excellent addition to your home and can save plenty of time and effort, especially when multitasking at home.


That said, it’s worth being careful with your unit as it is not waterproof or water-resistant. Here are several tips to help you get the most out of your Google Mini device.


#1 Need motivation for exercise?

One of the most underused features of the Google Nest Mini is the alarm clock feature. It can help you get out of bed in the morning at the perfect time for exercise. Your device can help guide you through your workouts. Use the device to store your workout plans, lap times, and weights.


These features are fantastic for helping you stay motivated and disciplined to exercise regularly. Burning calories shouldn’t be hard. Plus, regular exercise is essential for keeping you fit and healthy, mentally and physically.


Your Google Nest Mini can become the tool that helps you get in shape and improve your exercise quality.


#2 Keep your kids busy and entertained!

A challenge of having small children is keeping them entertained. Thankfully, the Google Nest Mini can help with that.


It can tell an endless list of jokes to keep your little ones laughing all day. The device can also tell stories and tales suitable for children. Also, your Google Mini device can play music and audio on command. So, your children can always access their favourite songs.


#3 Find your misplaced phone

Even the smartest of us sometimes lose our mobile phones. It can be a very stressful situation that seemingly takes forever to resolve. Good news! You can rely on your Google Nest Mini to help you locate your phone.


Just ask your Google Mini where your phone is, and the built-in Google Assistant will call your phone. You’ll be able to quickly find your phone as you’ll hear the ring tone. You can use this feature with both Android and Apple.


Don’t worry if your phone is set to silent. Your phone will shine a light upon receiving a call from your Google Mini Home. So watch for and follow the light!


#4 Control your other Google devices

You can use your Google Nest Mini to control Google Home devices you own without needing to use the Google Home App. For example, you can control your Chromecast using voice commands or link multiple Nest Minis and play music across them.


#5 Control smart home products

One of the best places to start automating your home is using your Nest Mini to control smart devices. You can control your thermostat, lights, blinds, and more. As a result, you can control your home without lifting a finger.


#6 Stay organised

Life is busier than ever. And so, you need a secret weapon to stay on top of everything. You can ask your Google Nest Mini to take on several tasks to help you stay on top of your to-do list.


It can set reminders for you throughout your day. You can also create to-do lists by asking your device the tasks you need to do that day. You can ask your Google Home Mini device about weather forecasts so you can dress appropriately.


You can also get traffic and public transport updates from your Google Home Mini. So, you’ll always be on time and ready for whatever your day has to throw at you.


As the Google Home Mini is voice-activated, you can organise your day while getting dressed or making breakfast. Don’t underestimate the convenience of owning a Google Home or Nest Mini.



Bonus tip: Bluetooth speaker

Most don’t realise their Google Home/Nest Mini is a Bluetooth speaker. So, you play music saved on your phone without needing Wi-Fi. Of course, with an internet connection, you can enjoy listening to Spotify on your Nest Mini.



Google Nest Mini waterproof



Keep your Google Nest Mini away from water!

The Google Nest Mini is a fantastic addition to any household. You can use it anywhere in your home except for the bathroom, as the Google Nest Mini is not water-resistant. It’s the same for the older Google Home Mini smart speakers.


Trust the Google Assistant to help you solve problems, organise your day, and even entertain kids with stories and funny jokes. The uses for this device are almost endless.


So, is Google Home/Nest Mini waterproof? No, and you should keep it away from water to ensure it lasts and is safe.