Zemismart ESA25S 4 wire roller blinds motor review

Zemismart ESA25S

Finding an affordable blinds motor we could use with our Fibaro system proved tricky. There are plenty of options if you want to use Wi-Fi or Zigbee, but none work with Z-Wave. So, finding the Zemismart ESA25S 4 wire roller blinds motor was a godsend.


As with other Zenismart devices we’ve recently reviewed, they sent us the blinds motor and switch for free. That said, here is our honest review based on testing the devices in our home.


Building our smart home started with automating a single light in the living room. From there, we added Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules to the majority of lights in our home. The next stage is automating the window treatments. For us, this involves changing blinds and curtains for automated versions.


What makes the Zemismart ESA25S ideal is you can connect its 4 wires to a smart blinds module, like the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3, and integrate it into an existing smart home system. Also, you can use it with a curtain switch, like the one Zemismart sent us.


Let’s explore the Zemismart ESA25S 4 wire roller blinds motor and why you might want to use them in your home.



What comes in the box

What comes in the box is the Zemismart ESA25S motor, a tiny rod that looks like a flat-head screwdriver, mounting brackets, and a manual. We’d assume that with other Zemismart blind motor options, the only difference is they come with a remote control.



What additional pieces do you need?

You’ll need to supply your own tube, blind material, and either module to connect the motor to your home automation system, a wall switch for control, or both. Zemismart offers several wall switches for their blind motors and automated curtains.


At 35 mm in diameter, you’ll need a tube that has an internal diameter between 36 and 38 mm. eBay has plenty of suitably sized aluminium tubes at affordable prices. For the 3 windows, we’re adding blinds to have a distance of 175 cm that needs covering.


You might be able to find suitable tubing in a local hardware store. However, for us, eBay is far more convenient, even if we get overcharged on the P+P!


If you have existing blinds, you’ll need to find a tube that works with what you have. Another option is to customise blinds to your window. You might be surprised to know that NEXT offers a range of made to measure blinds that are attractive yet affordable.


The Zemismart ESA25S can handle blinds up to 3 meters in length and 4 kg in weight. You’ll want to ensure your blinds are way under these figures to guarantee safe operation and longevity.


Finally, you’ll need to decide how you’ll control them. Zemismart sent us a basic white PVC switch with buttons for up/down/stop. However, we’re using a Fibaro module to connect the blinds motor into our smart home system without a local switch.


We’ll cover why in more detail shortly. But, you can use several control options, giving you flexibility depending on your situation.



Zemismart ESA25S tube

photo by Zemismart



How to install the Zemismart ESA25S roller blinds motor

It’s a good idea to test the motor before installing it, only to realise it doesn’t work as expected. You can wire the Zemismart ESA25S to the switch and mains using a 3-pin plug and short cable. Test the motor using the tubing but without the blind material, checking it rotates.


When you’re happy, you can measure where to attach the brackets, either outside the window or inside. We prefer the inside option as it looks neater. Using a pencil, make where you want to drill the holes for the brackets. Next, drill the holes.


If everything goes to plan, you’ll be able to attach the brackets in the right place and secure the tube and motor snugly inside the brackets. You’ll then need to wire the motor to the mains power and switch. As this involves live electrics, if you’re not comfortable, hire a professional.


Next, add the blind material to the tube. Finally, using the plastic rod that comes in the box, adjust the minimum and maximum settings. You want to set the maximum so that the blinds fall slightly longer than the drop ensuring the window is completely covered. And you’re done.



What control options can we use?

Having a wired blinds motor alone isn’t much use. We selected this model over other options that Zemismart offers as it allows us to integrate it with our current smart home system. We could wire it to the switch Zemismart included for us with the package, but this wouldn’t allow remote control.


Another option we could use is to wire it into a Z-Wave module (as that’s our system’s protocol) and the Zemismart switch, allowing local control using the wall switch and remote control using an app. Plus, we can add the blind motor to existing scenes or create new automations.


Finally, we could wire the Zemismart ESA25S into a Z-wave module, such as the Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 and control it remotely. Of course, this would mean, we won’t have a local switch to adjust the blinds and would have to use the app or automations.


Zemismart ESA25S wiring

photo by Zemismart



Does it integrate with a smart home system?

As we’re creating our dream smart home to control our Zemismart ESA25S, we’re using a Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 and their Yubii app rather than a local switch. We’ve created automations to raise and lower them based on the time of day. So, don’t need a switch in the room.


Also, we’re currently updating our wall switches from your standard type to 4 button scene controllers. This gives us access to preset scenes that cover the majority of the situations, rather than having to remember which switch does what and the correct adjustments to make.


Of course, this is a personal choice and might not work for you. However, we want to build a system that’s easy to use by anyone and yet is highly configurable. Our goal is not to have rows of switches or only use voice commands but to find a happy medium.



Do we recommend the Zemismart ESA25S roller blinds motor?

If you’re looking for an affordable roller blinds motor that can be easily integrated with your existing smart home system, it’s hard to beat the Zemismart ESA25S 4 wire roller blinds motor. While they did send us one motor to test, we plan to buy more and add automated blinds throughout our home.


It’s easy to install, test, and use, no matter your system. And if you prefer a blinds motor with a remote, Zemismart has you covered with RF, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Matter options. They also sell automated curtain tracks, so if you’d prefer curtains, you have that option.