What’s the best Zemismart device of 2023 reviews

best Zemismart device

Zemismart is an exciting brand that manufactures a range of smart home devices. Based in China, the brand offers devices that work with Zigbee (Tuya), Z-Wave, and Matter home automation protocols.


We discovered the brand on Amazon after searching for a wired blinds motor and quickly learnt they sell everything from automated curtain tracks and lightbulbs to hubs and motion sensors.


If you haven’t heard of Zemismart, this article will help you explore the brand and the products it offers!



Current product range

With over 100 products in their range, it’d be impossible to cover every Zemismart device. So, here are some of our favourites!


They offer several hubs, including one for Zigbee and another for Matter, which we’ve just reviewed. Discover the Zemismart M1 Matter hub and the Zemismart Matter bulb.


In terms of controllers, they sell a few remotes, such as the Z1, which works with Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and IR. These remotes are super helpful for controlling your smart home devices, Hi-Fi, TV, and other appliances from a single point.


Moving to motors, you can use Zemismart blind motors (such as ESA25S) or automated curtain tracks (such as Z-wave-22), to add privacy to your home. These devices are easy to install and allow for remote operation.


Zemismart also offers power monitoring devices, such as the SPM01, which will help you lower your energy bills.


Whatever you’re trying to automate your home, Zemismart probably has the device for you!



What’s the best Zemismart smart home device?

After reviewing several Zemismart devices, our favourites are the blinds motors and automated curtains as they work well with multiple home automation systems, such as Z-Wave, Fibaro, Tuya, and Zigbee.



How do they compare to other leading brands?

There are several Chinese smart brands, just look at Aliexpress or Amazon. You’ll see MCO Home, Moes, Sonoff, Meross, and others. All have their place in the smart home market as they provide different solutions to automating aspects of our home.


Most of the brands mentioned above use the Zigbee protocol, as it’s easier to become a certified partner, compared to Z-Wave, which is more selective in who can use its technology.


Zemismart offers Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Matter devices, allowing you options depending on the system you’ve already installed in your home or the flexibility to try different things.



What we love about Zemismart devices

The brand has designed many superb devices, such as the Z1 remote and the SPM01 Zigbee smart meter. Both solve real problems that we encounter often.


When looking for 4 cable blind motors, we couldn’t find an affordable solution. That was until we found Zemismart! All the other options had built-in Wi-Fi or Zigbee modules, which wouldn’t work with our Fibaro system.


The Chinese aren’t well regarded for their manuals. We even have a word for it: Chinglish! Thankfully, Zemismart has invested time in producing well-written instructions and manuals. These small details are much appreciated!


We’ve also found their team to be really responsive on WhatsApp, which makes the overall experience much better as we can get answers quickly.



How much do they cost?

Zemismart sells a range of highly affordable smart home devices that cost between £10 and £200, making them ideal whatever your budget or requirements.



Anything to be aware of?

Some will dislike that it’s another Chinese brand. Others might question their quality assurance and if it’s high enough. That said, we haven’t had any problems with their devices in our home.



Where can you find support?

It’s easy to access Zemismart support. You can contact the team using WhatsApp, email, or via social media. Each product page links to a range of resources, including the manual and software updates.



A little brand history

Zemismart’s main products are smart home control systems: smart lights, smart sockets, smart switches, smart security and other smart home products.



Discontinued Zemismart devices

We’re unaware of any discontinued Zemismart devices but will keep updating the page as their product range changes.