Top 15 best garden shovels for 2022

Best Garden Shovels

Part of effective gardening is having and using the right tools. Along with needing a spade, you’ll also want a shovel in your shed. But what are the best Garden Shovels?


Ideal to moving piles of loose material, such as gravel or mulch, shovels have angled blade and flute side that allows you to easily scope under the pile. As you can scope up a sizeable amount of materials each time, it’s easier to move a large pile.


While Shovels are fantastic for moving materials, they are useless for digging soil, which is why you also need a garden spade!


Not sure if you need a spade or shovel? Start with our guide: Shovel vs. Spade: What’s the Difference?


Having researched the market, we’ve picked 15 of the best garden shovels currently available.



Draper 31391 Hardwood Shafted Square Mouth Builders Shovel

Draper 31391 Hardwood Shafted Square Mouth Builders Shovel

photo by Draper


Draper 31391 Hardwood Shafted Square Mouth Builders Shovel can be yours for £12.98. At 94 cm, it’s one of the shortest garden spades on our list.


However, it’s still highly versatile, whether you’re digging or moving materials. The hardwood shaft provides support when in use. A Y-dee handle blends plastic and wood for a superior grip.


The pressed steel blade measures 24 by 31 cm and is coated to ensure a rust-free long life. As you’d expect, this Draper tool is well designed and offers good value for money. It’s covered by the Draper Tools lifetime guarantee.




Fiskars Ergonomic Shovel

Fiskars Ergonomic Shovel

photo by Fiskars


Fantastic for moving soil, sand, gravel and other bulky materials, the Fiskars Ergonomic Shovel can be yours for £43. The unique Finnish design is styled in a black and grey combination.


At 132 cm and 2.2 kg, it’s suitable for gardeners of all sizes. The high-quality steel blade (23.5 x 49 cm) allows you to shovel large quantities of material with ease. Yet thanks to it 17° inclined handle and 26° inclined shaft, it is comfortable to use.


The shaft’s length offers a good working position without causing any back problems. The well-sized handle allows for a firm and comfortable grip whether you’re using one or two hands.




Spear & Jackson 2000AC Taper Mouth No.2 Tubular Steel Shovel

Spear Jackson 2000AC Shovel

photo by Spear & Jackson


Used by the trade and homeowners alike, the Spear & Jackson 2000AC Taper Mouth No.2 Tubular Steel Shovel has been developed using hands-on experience and is a happy medium between a spade and shovel. Plus at £24, it’s highly affordable.


As a general-purpose shovel, the 2000AC is designed for digging, mixing concrete and moving tarmac. The fully forged head is made from high strength carbon/manganese steel and has been heat-tempered to ensure longevity. Its epoxy coating reduces soil adhesion and rust resistance.


It features a streamlined shaft that is contoured to fit comfortably in the hand. The shaft is automatically rotary welded to ensure maximum strength. The generously sized D-handle makes using the shovel easy and is complete with a wooden insert, which is designed to improve grip.




Silverline 157544 Aluminium Shovel

Silverline 157544 Aluminium Shovel

photo by Silverline


The traditional design of the Silverline 157544 Aluminium Shovel (£18 at Amazon) makes it ideal for shovelling sand, gravel, earth, snow and grain. Weighing only a 1 kg yet 103 cm in length, this Silverline shovel is perfect for gardeners of all ages and makes complete any task easy.


The large 30 by 25 cm square-mouth blade is crafted from rustproof and easy-to-clean aluminium. It’s design and size allow you to efficiently move large amounts of materials.


A wooden shaft and PYD handle complete the design and are dual-riveted in place to ensure longevity. Despite its lightweight, it is a fantastic gardening tool.




Draper 64328 Taper Mouthed All Steel Shovel

Draper 64328 Taper Mouthed All Steel Shovel

photo by Draper


Don’t be put off by the bright blue colour of the Draper 64328 Taper Mouthed All Steel Shovel. At £26 from Amazon, it’s likely to be the last garden shovel you’ll ever need to buy!


At 100 cm, it’s of a good size. It weighs a massive 2.7 kg, so isn’t ideal if you have back problems. The all-steel tubular shaft has a solid forged socket.


The Y-dee shaped handle mixes wood and steel and provides comfortable whether you’re using one hand or both.


The steel blade (30 x 21 cm) makes digging and shovelling simple, regardless of the material. As you’d expect from Draper, this shovel comes with a lifetime guarantee.




Fiskars Xact Shovel

Fiskars Xact Shovel

photo by Fiskars


Costing nearly £50, the Fiskars Xact Shovel mixes a quality steel blade with a reinforced fibreglass shaft and handle. At 130 cm long, it is suitable for users of all heights. Weighing 1.85 kg, this Fiskars shovel is ideal for handling and moving soil, sand, gravel and other bulk materials.


The well-proportioned head (23 x 49 cm) and an inclined handle makes it easy to shovel and move large quantities of materials. Its long shaft ensures comfort while using it and reduces the chance of muscle strain or back problems.


The ergonomically angled, D-shaped handle allows for a firm and comfortable grip whether you’re gripping it with 1 or 2 hands. This Finnish designed gardening tool is built to last thanks to its high-quality steel blade and lightweight design.




Spear & Jackson 2001AD MYD Steel Round Shovel

Spear & Jackson 2001AD MYD Steel Round Shovel

photo by Spear & Jackson


With its round blade and wood handle, the Spear & Jackson 2001AD MYD Steel Round Shovel costs £21.90.


As one of Spear & Jackson’s top garden spades, the 2001AD measures 103 cm and weights 2.5 kg. As it’s fairly heavy, it’s not ideal if you suffer from back pain or occasionally need a spade.


The streamlined shaft fits comfortably in the hand as does the wooden handle. While heavy, it feels even and balanced.


Constructed using rotary welding, it’s built to ensure maximum strength over its long life. The fully forged head blade is made from high strength carbon/manganese steel. The blade has an epoxy coating for reduced soil adhesion and rust resistance.




Bulldog BUL5TSAM All Steel Trenching Shovel

Bulldog BUL5TSAM Shovel

photo by Bulldog


The Bulldog BUL5TSAM All Steel Trenching Shovel (£22 from Amazon) is a heavy-duty garden tool that’s designed for a range of tasks including digging narrow trenches, moving sand and spreading mulch.


Manufactured from heavy-duty steel, it’s built to last and weighs 2.35 Kg. At 95 cm in length, it’s fairly small yet the sizeable 29 by 22.5 cm blade still ensures you can shift large amounts of materials.


It has a metal YD handle with a wooden cross dowel for comfort whether you’re using one or both hands. All in all, the Bulldog BUL5TSAM shovel is a fantastic and affordable garden tool that gets the job done!




OX Tools OX-T280701 Solid Forged Square Mouth Shovel

OX Tools OX-T280701 Shovel

photo by OX Tools


If you like bold garden tools, then the £30 Ox Tools OX-T280701 Shovel will be ideal! The high gloss blue powder coating ensures you can always identify, even if your shed is in a state!


Manufactured from steel, the OX-T280701 Trade Solid Forged Square Mouth Shovel has efficiency built-in. The 30 by 25 cm square-shaped blade means that the shovel can easily be filled to the maximum each time.


The D grip handle with a wooden cross dowel is easy to hold either with a single hand or both. At 100 cm tall, it’s a decent size. That said it does weight close to 3 kg so isn’t ideal if you have back problems or are looking for a lightweight tool for occasional use.




Silverline GT30 No. 2 Shovel with PD Handle

Silverline GT30 2 Shovel

photo by Silverline


Silverline GT30 No. 2 Shovel is guaranteed for life and Suitable for shovelling, mixing and backfilling trenches. Available from Amazon for £16.


With a lightweight design of 1.8 Kg and at 96 cm in length, it’s ideal for all gardeners including those who occasionally need a shovel or have back problems.


The large 31 x 23.5 cm pressed steel head is complete with a corrosion-resistant finish, ensuring a long life. It features raised shoulders to prevent spilling material, allowing you to move more in less time.


The 75 cm long polished wooden shaft connects to the blade using an open socket and to the PYD handle. The plastic handle is easy to grip with a single or both hands.




Odoland Adjustable Detachable Garden Shovel

Odoland Adjustable Shovel

photo by Odoland


If you’re looking for a versatile shovel that’s also adjustable, then the £25 Odoland Adjustable Detachable Shovel could be ideal. Manufactured from aluminium alloy, this shovel is not only lightweight but also has high tensile strength.


As an adjustable tool, it’s easy to add or remove shaft pieces allowing you to extend it from 80 cm to a maximum of 110 cm. This allows you to painlessly complete any task with the correct sized tool yet it folds down into a small carry case. When fully extended it weighs only 700g!


This Odoland shovel is ideal for moving materials, shovelling snow and even some basic digging. It comes with an ice scraper!




Roughneck Square Shovel

Roughneck Square Shovel

photo by Roughneck


Featuring a pressed steel blade and fibreglass handle, the Roughneck Square Shovel (£30 from Amazon) is lightweight yet durable. Decently sized at 103 cm in length and weighing 2 kg, it ideal for many tasks in the gardening and on a building site.


The generously sized pressed steel blade is fully hardened allowing you to quickly move materials. The blade’s design is engineered for longevity. Tread on the blade helps increase grip and load pressure.


A strong fibreglass shaft and soft-grip D handle ensure it’s easy to hold and use. Both elements are lightweight yet offer superior strength. The combination of materials means this shovel will withstand years of heavy use.




Amtech U1850 Square Mouth Shovel

Amtech U1850 Shovel

photo by Amtech


The Amtech U1850 Square Mouth Shovel is part of Amtech’s a fantastic range of essential gardening tools. At only £23, this shovel is great value for money and like all the tools in the range comes with a 3-year guarantee.


The large 30 by 20 cm drop-forged and heat-treated steel blade, allows for efficient movement of materials. Easily move large quantities of mulch, soil or sand.


The polypropylene shaft and d shaped handle are easy to grip both with one hand and both. Together, these materials ensure longevity. At 100 cm tall and a total weight of 2.2 Kg, it’s ideal for the serious gardener who needs to move a lot of materials.




OX Tools OX-P283001 Insulated Taper Mouth Shovel

OX Tools OX-P283001 Shovel

photo by OX Tools


You’re likely to never miss finding the OX Tools OX-P283001 OX Pro Insulated Taper Mouth Shovel (Amazon fo £59), thanks to its bright colours! But don’t let that put you off buying this durable tool.


Designed for heavy-duty jobs where only the best tools will do, it weights over 3 kg despite its short 97 cm length. The solid forged steel head ensures both strength and durability whether you’re moving sand, soil, mulch or other material.


A long fibreglass shaft is easy to grip while the extra-wide D-shaped handle provides greater comfort and improved grip. This OX Tools OX-P283001 Conforms to BSI British BS8020 standard.




Faithfull No.2 MYD Treaded All Steel Taper Shovel

Faithfull 2 MYD Shovel

photo by Faithfull


With change from £20, the Faithfull No.2 MYD Treaded All Steel Taper Shovel is very affordable. Made to trade specifications by craftsmen who meet the demanding Faithfull criteria for design and quality.


Made from manganese steel, this shovel has a tapered mouth with MYD type hilt shovel. The heavy-duty treaded blade is comfortable on the foot while protecting footwear and prevents slipping. At 100 cm long and 2.5 kg, it’s a well-designed tool.


The solid forged blade and socket is correctly tempered for strength and epoxy coated for rust prevention. A tubular shaft is welded to the socket for a strong smooth join. The shaft is fitted with an MYD hilt with a wooden cross dowel for added comfort.


Faithfull product is designed to ensure a long and dependable service. That’s why their tools come with a 5-years warranty ensuring you can buy with confidence.