Can Alexa open curtains remotely?

Can Alexa open curtains remotely

In this modern world, why do we still tolerate manually opening and closing curtains/blinds twice a day? We’re not suggesting for a moment that you should live in darkness but instead encourage you to automate your window treatments. Can Alexa open curtains remotely? Yes!


Alexa is a fantastic entry point if you’re interested in home automation. Plenty of smart home devices work with the technology, allowing you to affordable better control over your home. You can use Alexa to control lights, TV, heating, and curtains and blinds.


Let’s explore how can Alexa open curtains and blinds remotely, freeing you from needing to open or close them ever again!



Quick guide to automating curtains and blinds

Before we explore what devices we can use to automate the opening or closing of your curtains, it’s worth covering what you need to make it happen.


Turning your existing blinds into smart ones is straightforward. You can either use a smart device that connects to the existing chain and moves it pretty much as you would. Another option is to add a smart motor that drives the pole.


Curtains can be a little more tricky as you either need to replace the curtain rail with a smart one or clip on a bot to your curtains that moves them.


After choosing your preferred method, you need to link your smart device with a home automation system. In our case, this is Alexa as many devices painlessly sync with this technology. You could use Fibaro, Zigbee, or Lightwave.


By connecting to a smart home system, you can control your curtains or blind remotely. You could be sitting on the sofa watching TV or at work, regardless of your location, you can remotely control your window treatments.



Using Alexa to control smart home devices

Getting Alexa working with smart home devices is very simple. You need the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. There are versions for iOS and Android.


You also need an Amazon Echo device, such as the Dot or Show. With these two things in place, you can start adding and controlling smart home devices with Alexa.



SwitchBot Curtain Smart Opener

SwitchBot Curtain Smart Opener

photo by SwitchBot


One of the easiest solutions to use is the SwitchBot Curtain Smart Opener. It makes your ordinary curtains smart in 30 seconds. Easy to install, you don’t need to replace existing curtain rails or any tools.


Simply, gently pull the curtains, and the robot does the rest for you. You could add the SwitchBot Hub Mini (sold separately) and control it using Alexa, app or IFTTT. You can easily open the curtains using the voice command “Alexa, give me sunshine”.


The SwitchBot App works with iOS and Android, and Bluetooth enabling you to open and close curtains with an accuracy of 1%. You can check the app from anywhere and even use the timer function to control your curtains.


Exquisitely designed, the SwitchBot curtain robot is easy to integrate. Thanks to a high-performance DC motor, it has the power to push curtains up to 8 kg on a 3M single track. It can last up to 8 months and can also be used with the Switch Bot solar panel.



Zwbfu Wi-Fi Automatic Curtain Opener Closer Robot

Zwbfu Curtain Robot

photo by Zwbfu


Looking quite similar to the SwitchBot, the Zwbfu WiFi Automatic Curtain Opener Closer Robot is a highly affordable and extremely easy to set up and use. Simple to install, no tools required, and it takes about 30 seconds to install.


Equipped with an ambient light sensor and temperature sensor, the robot can automatically close the curtain when it detects your room temperature exceeding 25℃ and luminosity over 30%. You can set temperature within 10-60℃ and light intensity within 10-90%.


Sync the smart robot with your phone using Wi-Fi. Next, set the scheduler or timer on the app to automatically open your curtains at sunrise and close them at sunset. You can also manually control the robot to completely open, half-open, and close your curtains on phone.


Use voice commands like ”Draw/withdraw the curtain” to control the curtain robot by Amazon Alexa. You can remotely open or close the curtains from miles away using your smartphone.


With a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, this device lasts about 6 months if it closes/opens twice a day. So you don’t need to frequently recharge it or wonder if it will work.



HC Smart Wifi Electric Curtain Tracks

HC Smart Wifi Electric Curtain Tracks

photo by HC Electronics


Another option is to change your curtain rail to an automatic one, such as the HC Smart Wifi Electric Curtain Tracks. Designed for easy DIY installation, you can either watch an online video or follow a detailed guide. All parts are included, so you can easily install them.


Once installed, you can automatically control your curtains by remote control, timer, wall switch, Amazon Alexa, Google Home or your mobile/tablets. It also works with IFTTT.


Designed for straight tracks, bay windows and continuous curve rails (by adding 90-degree or 135-degree connectors). You can either set it up to operate as two curtains that open centrally opening or from one side to another.


With several built-in safety features, including child-safe, senior, and iMobility proof, and overloading protection, this smart curtain rail is ideal for any home. It can be operated by hand while the power is off. Tug the curtains to trigger the motor to open or close them fully.



Graywind Motorized Curtain Set

Graywind Motorized Curtain Set

photo by Graywind


If you’re looking for custom curtains, consider the Graywind Motorized Curtain Set. Made from a unique fabric, these made-to-measure curtains provide absolute privacy and UV protection. Excellent draping and stitching, soft to touch. Removable cloth and machine washable.


Customise to your home as you can easily add or remote track lengths. A high-quality built-in power motor is controlled by a Wi-Fi connection. Simply, pull a curtain and they will open automatically, ideal for during power-cut.


A single remote can control up to curtains. You can also control them using a mobile app (Android & IOS). They are also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.



So, can Alexa open curtains remotely?

Now you know how Alexa can open curtains remotely and how easy it is, you can keep automating your property and building a fully smart home. So, can Alexa open curtains remotely? Yes!