World Class Luxury Interiors That Redefine Excellence

June 2018
Luxury Interiors

Luxury Interiors inspire us all, from the choice of materials to the size and scales of the rooms. Luxury redefines how we live and expands the mind.



What is Luxury?

The very idea of what luxury is and how it impacts luxury interiors is a hotly debated topic. To some, it’s the materials, others believe it’s the designer. While some might believe it’s the price tag. And far be it from us to disagree!


Luxury is a feeling, an emotion, hard to define but easy to recognize.  It’s a mindset. True luxury is detail. When you look at an interior and can see a multitude of layers, some of which are hand crafted.



Unique Features

In terms of luxury interiors, the features are what makes the project unique. From the basics, like home automation and security, which can be controlled from anywhere in the world. To the unique, such as swimming pools which magically turn into dance floors. And mirror which takes a 360-degree picture of you. Thus allowing you to answer the age-old questions “does my butt look big in this”?


There are a number of designers who specialise in building basement – but not as you know it! These addition spaces usually include a large swimming pool, cinema room, gym and even a nightclub. Not forgetting the wine cellar – a must have if you want to appear the part!


Also, a section like this wouldn’t be complete without us mentioning helipads, staff accommodation and even stabling for one’s polo team!


While most of us dream about it, others are counting the cost of owning such properties.




Exploring the finest materials

Since it’s hard to draw meaningful comparisons between standard and luxury finishes, it’s easier to oversimplify and sell short. The best analogy we could think of is it’s a bit like wearing a polyester shirt, then trying on a cotton one.


The polyester looks smart and feels fine. However, the cotton allows your skin to breath and moves with you. It not only looks fantastic, it makes you feel excellent.


The brands to watch

Clive Christian

It’s never easy to highlight our favourite high-end designers, and so we’ve picked a few based on what they do best.


The first is Clive Christian, primarily known for his kitchens, Clive has since expanded to design the whole house and has even launched a perfume range.


Clive in the 70s took the kitchen from the basement and moved it to the ground floor while enlarging the space to make it more communal. He even added chandeliers! 


Today Clive Christian kitchens can be found in the homes of Wayne Rooney, David Beckingham, Celine Dion, and Shania Twain.


Candy and Candy

Next is Candy and Candy who in the late 90s changed the luxury interior design game completely. The brothers started to add cinema rooms, dressing rooms, home automation and their now classic neutral interior scheme.


Many London based interior designers got their start at Candy and Candy and so the company’s legacy continues. The firm’s clients include Kylie, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, Naomi Campbell and many Russian oligarchs.


NH Designs

Finally, Nicky Haslam has pioneered a unique style while constantly updating and tweaking at the edges. His ability to layer antiques with modern finishes have made him one of the worlds most in-demand designers.


Nicky has designed for Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, and Rod Stewart, as well as Oligarchs and heads of states.




Luxury interiors on a budget

The first thing is to study luxury interiors that you love. It’s ok to lose yourself for hours on Instagram or Pinterest. We’ve all been there!


Next start looking for similar pieces or a different route there. For example, if you’re a little nerdy like us and want to automate your home then start with LightwaveRF or Z-Wave.


Websites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace are also treasure troves of gems and bargains. While you might not be able to afford custom seating, you might be able to find something which is close at a fraction of the cost as it’s being made in the far east and is available on eBay.