Can I use Google Assistant and Fibaro together?

Can I use Google Assistant and Fibaro together

Fibaro is one of the leading home automation systems currently available. It’s highly affordable, easy to install and painless to programme. Plus, as it uses the Z-Wave protocol, you can quickly integrate devices from a range of brands. You can even use Google Assistant and Fibaro together.


Google’s AI-powered voice assistant is widely available on Android phones, tablets, and the Android OS, Nest products and thousands of 3rd party devices. Why use an app, when you can simply speak your wish and have software do it for you?!


Using Google Assistant and Fibaro, you can control your smart home system and devices using voice commands. Also, Fibaro works with Alexa, so you have options!


The Google Assistant won’t replace the other control options, such as the Fibaro app or Swipe. However, it does offer a quicker way to operate your system. Who wants to look for their phone or have to make adjustments using a switch when you can ask Google to take care of it?!



What makes Fibaro ideal for automating your home

Fibaro is widely considered one of the most advanced wireless smart home systems. Underpinning the system is the Z-Wave protocol, found in thousands of 3rd party devices. Fibaro devices are also compatible with the Apple HomeKit protocol.


There are Fibaro devices to control pretty much every aspect of your home, including heating, lights, blinds/window treatments and door locks. You can operate the system from anywhere with Wi-Fi. As voice control has become popular, Fibaro also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


Fibaro offers both retrofittable and plug-in and play products, allowing easy installation. As a Z-Wave compatible system, if Fibaro doesn’t offer a particular product, you can always use a device from a 3rd party brand as thousands of compatible devices are available.


As a DIY-friendly system, you will have to solve any problems you encounter. That said, there is a superb online community that are always willing to help. Fibaro are constantly releasing new updates and products that make their system even better.


There are plenty of control options available, including an app, Swipe, KeyFob and The Button. However, the most exciting is using Alexa and Fibaro together; and controlling your home automation set up using voice commands.



fibaro control options google assistant



How does the Google Assistant work?

Powered by cloud computing, Google Assistant allows you to quickly find the answer or complete a task, either by typing or speaking a command.


A myriad of devices use the technology, including fridges, headphones, speakers, smartphones and even cars! Not to mention it’s built into the entire line of Google Home products.


Say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” (it’s wake words), followed by the task they want to be completed. It can help you find information online, make bookings, manage your calendar and play games. You can even control your smart home devices.


Using the Google Assistant is life-changing, and we’re just at the beginning of the technology. It’s exciting to think about how it will develop.



Basic requirements

Before you can get Google Assistant and Fibaro working together, there are a few basic requirements you need to meet:


  • Google Assistant, on a smart home device (like Google Home) or mobile device with iOS or Android
  • FIBARO Home Center 3, Home Center 3 Lite or Home Center 2/Lite (with firmware 4.130 or newer)
  • FIBARO ID account
  • PC or Mac connected to the Internet.



How to connect Google Assistant and Fibaro

Before you can use Google Assistant and Fibaro together, you need to link them. The process is split into two parts, and listed below.


Activating FIBARO integration in the Google Home app:

  1. On your mobile device, open the Google Home app
  2. Tap +
  3. Tap Set up device
  4. Tap Supported by Google
  5. Search for FIBARO Smart Home, then tap it
  6. Log in with your FIBARO ID account
  7. Assign rooms if required


Activating FIBARO integration in the Google Assistant app:

  1. On your mobile device open the Google Assistant and say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” or go to Assistant settings
  2. Tap Assistant and then Home control
  3. Search for FIBARO Smart Home, then tap it
  4. Log in with your FIBARO ID account
  5. Assign rooms if required.



fibaro voice google assistant



Try these basic voice commands

FIBARO Smart Home taps into the engine of the Google Assistant, which in turn provides the framework for voice-enabled control for your house appliances. Just say “Hey Google, turn on the lights in the living room” to turn on the light connected to the gateway.


There’s a seemingly endless list of voice commands you can use with the Google Assistant to control your Fibaro devices. Here are a few basic voice commands:


  • On/Off: “Hey Google, turn on [or off] the [device name]”
  • Dimming: “Hey Google, set [dimmer name] to [number]”
  • Lights: “Hey Google, Make [RGBW light] green
  • Blinds: “Hey Google, Open/Close [room name] blinds”
  • Blinds: “Hey Google, set the blinds in [room name] to [number]”
  • Set temperature: “Hey Google, set x temperature to 22 degrees
  • Set temperature: “Hey Google, Set x the temperature between 22 and 26 degrees”
  • Temperature sensors: “Hey Google, What temperature is [TRV] set to?” 
  • Door/window sensors: Hey Google, Is [Window x] open/closed?” 
  • Mains Plug: “Hey Google, turn [device] ON/OFF”
  • Door locks: “Hey Google, Lock/Unlock front door”
  • Door locks: “Hey Google, is the front door Locked/Unlocked?”
  • Scenes: “Hey Google, Activate/Deactivate scene X”



Is it time for me to delete the Fibaro app?

Not so fast! The app does far more than action commands. Google Assistant, KeyFob and other control options are fantastic for completing simple actions such as “dim dining room lights”, “increase the temperature by 5 degrees”, or turning everything off when you leave home.


That said, Google Assistant can’t help you build scenes or sequences. And so, the Fibaro app is still highly useful for configuring and controlling your smart home. Google Assistant compliments the app and other control options; rather than replacing any or all of these.



Can I use IFTTT with Google Assistant and Fibaro?

Sadly, not every device uses the Z-Wave protocol. And so, it can be tricky to integrate some devices with Fibaro, not to mention the Google Assistant. There is a solution! We can control multiple devices using IFTTT (If This Then That).


While it might sound complex, IFTTT is designed to take care of the heavy lifting, allowing you to painlessly programme your system to react to your requirements and lifestyle. Take control of even more devices with Fibaro and IFTTT.


You can use voice commands with the Google Assistant to start IFTTT applets that operate a range of devices, including ones from Fibaro. The combination super-charges your home automation system.



fibaro ifttt google assistant



Where to start with Google Assistant and Fibaro?

Getting Google Assistant and Fibaro to work together is very easy, and the combination adds a unique control option. You need a device with the Google Assistant, such as a Nest product or Android phone.


Next, link the two systems together using the Google Home app or Google Assistant app. Finally, start experimenting with controlling devices using voice commands rather than the Fibaro app.


If you’d like to add another layer of control options, consider using IFTTT. It helps makes your system even more flexible and can trigger devices, scenes and sequences. 


Combining IFTTT, Google Assistant, and Fibaro creates a powerful system that’s far more advanced than the individual parts.


While the Google Assistant won’t replace more traditional control options, such as the app, Swipe or the web portal, it will enhance how you control your Fibaro smart home system.