Crestron vs Savant: Find your best smart home system

Crestron vs Savant

The hardest decision when automating your home is which system to use. And you’re not stuck for options! You could use a DIY system like Fibaro or a professional system like Control4. Crestron vs Savant are two options we haven’t compared. Well, that is until now.


Both systems use a mixture of wired and wireless elements; and unique software to deliver similar outcomes. And so each has its positives and negatives. Plus, there are situations where you might prefer to invest in one system over the other.


One downside is you can only buy either system using an approved dealer. There’s no DIY option available. So, you’ll need to be serious about installing a smart home system and have a suitably sized budget of at least £45,000.


Let’s look at each system in detail and do our best to compare Crestron vs Savant. The difference between the two systems might seem subtle. However, they are unique with many differences.



Crestron smart home

Crestron product splash

photo by Crestron



Founded in 1971 by inventor and engineer George Feldstein, Crestron Electronics is one of the oldest home automation companies in the world. Based in New Jersey, USA, the company designs, manufactures, and distributes smart home and audiovisual equipment using a global dealer network.


Much like other high-end home automation systems, you can’t buy products directly from Crestron. Instead, they use a global network of dealers to design, install and configure automation systems.


There are many uses for Crestron home automation products, with luxury homes only being a small part of their business. They also supply the US government, Microsoft, hotels, hospitals and schools.


Crestron provides complete control of every element, both within the home and office. Easily operate lights, heating, gates, TVs and a home cinema room, both in person and remotely using Wi-Fi.


How does Crestron works?

Using a wired network, Crestron requires your home to be rewired. At the heart of the system is rack-mounted modules that control the system and devices are wired into these. That said, the majority of the controllers are battery-powered, wireless units.


Despite its wired network, integrating wireless devices, including Amazon Alexa, Sonos smart speakers, and Google Assistant into a system is effortless. These add-ons increase the number of functions the user can control.


Unless you know what your doing, installing and configuring Crestron devices isn’t possible. Hence the need to work with an approved highly trained dealer. That said, once installed, a Crestron system is rock solid.


One downside of having to buy devices using a dealer is they are free to set the price. That said, you might be able to negotiate a good deal by playing two dealers off each other! The buying experience is completely different from asking a local electrician to install a few smart sockets!


Each system is unique to the client, their home and their requirements. If you compared two homes that use a Crestron system, you’d quickly realise that each will act, look and feel differently.


Is it DIY friendly?

Designed for performance, not ease of installation, unless you’ve worked with Crestron devices before, you’ll want to hire a dealer. Of course, they aren’t cheap as they are highly trained and work with the Crestron ecosystem daily.


Many wrongly believe they can watch eBay for second-hand devices and try to cobble a system together. While devices occasionally appear on online marketplaces, you’d be waiting years for every device that you need to be available for sale.


You’ll, therefore, need to work with a dealer from conception to installation and configuration to ensure you have a system that aligns with your requirements.


Current product range

Crestron provides a range of products and solutions to build a fully automated home. They offer sophisticated lighting control, including options to program complex scenes and sequences, controllable by a single button.


Automate your blinds and curtains, so they close on cue whether you’re at home or away. Enjoy superior multi-room audio and video, thanks to Crestron DigitalMedia™ technology, and a range of switchers, amplifiers and speakers. Even Sonos products seamlessly integrate into the system.


The system offers flexible temperature control that uses data from multiple sensors placed around the property. Your home’s temperature will be constant, ensuring you are always warm.


Crestron provides a range of solutions to keep your home safe and secure. Secure your front door with a Yale lock and video intercom, and control your garage and gate using the system. You can even add a range of security cameras.


The current Crestron Home™ OS 3 delivers a simple, clean, and sophisticated user experience. Control your entire system from a single point using a remote, touch screen or app. Crestron even sells configurable keypads that replace light switches.


Any downsides to Crestron?

As your property needs to be rewired as part of the installation process, Crestron isn’t designed for historic or listed buildings. Ideally, the system is best for new builds. As you might expect, running new cables around your home isn’t cheap, and labour costs can quickly add up.


Most homeowners spend £75,000 plus when adding a Crestron system. So, it’s hardly a system you would install on a whim or try to DIY. As you have to work with a dealer, it takes time to install and configure a system. You can’t get up and running overnight.


As devices are only available from dealers, Crestron devices are costly, and finding a price list can be tricky. Dealers don’t want to be knocked down on price or have clients trying to remove features to save money.


As new software and firmware updates become available, you’ll need to pay your dealer to send their engineer out to apply the latest updates as you can’t do this yourself.



Savant home automation

Savant product splash

photo by Savant



As a relative newcomer to the market, Savant was founded in 2005. Their mission remains unchanged. Savant still aims to design a technology foundation that could make all homes smart, all without the need for expensive, propriety, custom solutions that quickly become obsolete.


Available through a global dealership network, over 2 million homes are powered by Savant technology with integration and connectivity across nearly 10,000 unique protocols, devices and leading music streaming services.


Savant offers solutions that are inventive, easy to use, and designed for longevity. Their products aid in better device control throughout the home while providing a superb user experience.


How does Savant works?

While the Savant home automation system offers more complex programming than virtual assistants and other smart home systems, its design and functionality are simple and sleek.


Extremely versatile, Savant can control a multitude of services, including heating, security, intelligent lighting, AV, and more. You can  create a whole home system that operates almost every conceivable function.


You can easily control your system using a tablet, remote control or smartphone. The system also works with Alexa and the Google Assistant.


The system efficiently blends wired or wireless products, allowing you to place devices in areas where cable access is restricted. Yet, it’s sophisticated enough to still function optimally.


While offering a wide range of control over devices in the home, it’s intelligently versatile and a pleasure to use. Savant has combined performance and aesthetics to create a cutting edge home automation system.


Is it DIY friendly?

Savant products are only available from an approved dealer. So, while you can sit on eBay and wait for devices to appear, you’re unlike to find everything you need in a short time scale. Thankfully, their devices are quite affordable and widely available.


That said, as you have to work with a dealer who will design, install, and configure your home automation system, you’re limited and can’t attempt a DIY install. One of the few exceptions is Sonos, which integrates well into Savant.


If you’re happy to work with a dealer who can turn your ideas into a fully working system and deal with any issues that happen when installing a smart home system, Savant might be ideal for you.


Current product range

The Savant Smart Home experience allows you to seamlessly personalise and control all of your smart home technology. At the heart of every system is a hub, which acts as the brain.


Monitor your home and ensure its security remotely with two-way communication. The system’s temperature control options balance comfort and flexibility while helping you keep bills in check.


With GE Lighting and USAI fixtures, part of the family, Savant now offers a smart and sophisticated lighting solution for any budget.


Simple to install and easy to control, their shade solutions work in harmony with the system. Whether you’re at home or away, you can control your blinds.


Savant’s line up of speakers, multi-room solutions and single app control bring the best in music enjoyment throughout your home. With excellent video distribution solutions, you can enjoy video tiling and on-demand entertainment throughout the home.


Any downsides to Savant?

Being forced to hire a dealer to design, install, and configure your system can easily double the cost of Savant. And while some prefer to hand their project off to someone more qualified, others will want to get stuck in.


As the system blends wireless and wired elements, you might be able to save cash by not needing to rewire your home. That said, a wired system can easily double the cost as a larger chunk of your budget will be spent on labour.


If you want to update or modify your system, you might need to employ a dealer unless you spend the time doing the research. Some dealers will throw in free remote software updates for a year or two, but the ongoing maintenance cost might be higher than you first expected.


Savant isn’t compatible with every smart home device, so you might find your current equipment also requires updating, costing you even more.



Crestron vs Savant

Having looked at both systems in detail, you might wonder how Crestron vs Savant compares. Let’s take a look.



Crestron allows advanced programming, including integrating hundreds of less popular third-party devices. As Crestron was initially designed for business, it’s ideal for massive homes as it’s completely reliable and robust. That said, all of these extras mean Crestron is more expensive.


Crestron doesn’t offer the energy management solutions that Savant Power does. So if you’re aim is reducing your home’s carbon footprint, Savant might be a better option.


While Savant feels easier to use thanks to a super sleek user interface, Crestron offers a greater level of control options, including viewing a floor plan with real-time device monitoring.


There are far more Crestron dealers in the UK. Plus, they offer a wider range of devices than the average Savant dealer.



Savant is ideal for both large and small properties. It’s easy to install and quite affordable. Savant can be customised for the user’s needs, allowing for a highly versatile system.


However, Savant doesn’t offer the same level of advanced customisation and the large list of third-party compatibility that Crestron does.


So, if you looking to build a simple home automation system that doesn’t need many third-party devices or complex customisations, Savant might be your best choice.



compared savant and crestron



Picking a winner: Crestron vs Savant home automation system!

Comparing Crestron vs Savant has hopefully been eye opening for you. Both systems have their own feel, positives, and negatives. But you should have a better idea of which will work for your home and lifestyle. Before deciding on one, pay a visit to a local home automation showroom.


Savant might not be as advanced as Crestron, but it has a really sleek feel and is simple to use. Plus, it’s affordable. That said, there are only a handful of dealers in the UK.


Crestron, on the other hand, works with hundreds of third-party devices, offers advanced programming, and is completely robust. But that does come at a price.


If you’re looking for an affordable system Savant might be the best option. However, Crestron is far more flexible, robust, and widely available. Plus, they’ve been in the market the longest.


Hopefully, that helps you to unbiasedly compare Crestron vs Savant and pick a system that’s right for your property and lifestyle.