Home cinema projector reviews, comparisons and guides

Home cinema projector reviews

Finding the perfect projector for your home cinema can be demanding. Trying to choose between the hundreds of options can get tiresome quickly. Not to mention, lots of them seem similar, particularly at the start. We’ve written plenty of home cinema projector reviews over the years.


However, we haven’t collected them in one easy to follow post. Thankfully, this article will help you find your next projector and make the process a little less painful.


Not only have we listed every unit we’ve reviewed or compared, but as we add more home cinema projector reviews to My Dream Haus, we’ll also update these lists. So, you’ll want to bookmark this page and return to it often.




Your best starting point is here. In this section, you’ll find links to our guides. If you’re just about to purchase your first projector, start with our excellent guide that will help you decide your requirements and what’s available. We also have plenty of other informational articles.


Projector buying guide: How to buy for a home cinema


TV vs Projector: Which is best for a home cinema?


Foolproof guide to setting up a projector at home


Projector screen buying guide: What is your ideal option?


Can you use a projector for everyday TV watching?


Normal vs portable projectors: What’s the difference?



Best home cinema projector reviews

Regardless of your budget, you’ll desire to be inspired when considering what projector to buy. By comparing and highlighting the top units, you can easily find a unit that’s ideal for you.


Best projector under £500 for a home cinema


Best projector under £1000 for home cinema


Best 4k home cinema projector reviewed


Best home cinema projector for gardens



Best projector screen reviews

For the best viewing experience, you’ll want to invest in a dedicated screen. Your best starting point is our buying guide, which will help you buy the right projector screen for your system. Next, read comparisons of the top projector screens currently available.


Best 100-inch projector screen for home cinema


What’s the best 100 inch motorised projector screen



Best projector accessories

Without the right accessories, your viewing experience could suffer. One key component many overlook is the projector mount. Thankfully, we’ve compared many of the best options available.


Top 15 best projector ceiling mount for a home cinema



Sony home cinema projector reviews

sony projector reviews

photo by Sony


A superb range of Sony 4k projectors are available, all ideal for your home cinema room. You can read our reviews below. Sony continues to add new units, and we’ll add them to our list of home cinema projectors reviews.


Sony VPL-VW570ES



BenQ home cinema projector reviews

benq projector reviews

photo by BenQ


There’s a BenQ projector for every situation. They have options for the office, home, use with a golf simulator and even several portable projectors. So, if you’re looking to equip your home cinema room, you should consider BenQ and their fantastic projector range.


BenQ W5700


BenQ W2000




Optoma home cinema projector reviews

Optoma projector reviews

photo by Optoma


Optoma offers a wide range of projectors that perfectly meet the needs of numerous and varied applications. We’ve reviewed a few of their units. As Optoma continues to add new home cinema projectors, you’ll be able to find them on our list of reviews.


Optoma UHD370X


Optoma HD143X



Viewsonic home cinema projector reviews

viewsonic projector reviews

photo by Viewsonic


Viewsonic sells an exciting range of projectors, including a few portable units. You can find our reviews below. As Viewsonic launch more units, we’ll add them to our list of home cinema projector reviews.


Viewsonic X10-4K


ViewSonic PX701HD


ViewSonic PG706HD



Epson home cinema projector reviews

epson projector reviews

photo by Epson


There’s a superb range of Epson projectors available, and we’ve reviewed a few. As Epson continues to add new units, you’ll see our reviews of these added to our list below.


Epson EH-TW5650


Epson EH-TW7400



Acer home cinema projector reviews

acer projector reviews

photo by acer


Within the Acer projector range, you’ll discover units ideal for home, office, and education. They also offer several portable options. Below you can see a list of what Acer home cinema projectors we’ve reviewed.


Acer H6517ST



XGIMI projector reviews

XGIMI projector reviews

photo by XGIMI


Offering a range of highly portable projectors, XGIMI has created some very unique products that are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The XGIMI projectors are excellent for watching movies, sports, and live TV without taking up a load of space. Don’t be fooled by their small size!





Projector comparisons

projector comparisons


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